Who Are We

Since 1950

In Charcuterías Seco, we take pride in offering the highest-quality products and preserving the artisanal tradition in the crafting of our products. Since our founding in 1950 by Mr. Antonio González and his wife Celia Álvarez, we have remained true to our philosophy of providing an exceptional gastronomic experience to our customers.

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Our mission

Offer high-quality products that delight even the most discerning palates. Through personalized service and expert guidance, we assist our customers in finding the perfect products for their needs. We strive to exceed their expectations and be recognized as the trusted destination for unique gourmet ingredients. We value customer satisfaction and aim to provide exceptional service at all times.

Our strength behind Charcutería Seco

We have a passionate and dedicated team that drives our success and exceptional quality. From our gastronomy experts to our skilled artisans, everyone shares our vision and passion for providing the highest-quality products. We work collaboratively, carefully selecting our products, and delivering exceptional service.

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Charcutería Seco offers you an exquisite selection of products that will delight your senses. Dare to try them.

Why our customers choose us

We sincerely thank all of our customers for their support and trust in Charcuterías Seco. Your satisfaction is our greatest achievement and motivates us to continue giving our best.

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